Opening a page by chance from…

La canzone dei folli, Charles Bukowski, Universale Economica Feltrinelli, pag. 220-222



the best part is that

after you have written 6 or 7 good poems in

one night

you can celebrate,


write a candy-ass poem.

you can deliberately try to be bad,

that’s fun,

most do it without trying.


that anger you?


hope it makes your mother angry


many mothers get angry about what I


when they stop getting angry I’m

going to pack it in,

join the boy scouts.

my mother-in-law says to my


“but WHY does he have to use the

LANGUAGE he does?”

well, dear, it’s just to piss you

off, get your anger up.


life has abused me and I have misused it.

I enjoy attacking the sun with a squirt gun.

I am drunk, I will sleep on my left

side to awaken in the morning and

read this candy-ass poem,


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